Youth Mentoring Project

Providing additional support for young people

Sun Sep 27 10:54:17 2020

Forward Ever Inclusive Education CIC are proud to announce the launch of our Youth Mentoring Project

Elaboration on Program Category:


Youth Mentoring Services specifically for young people at risk of social exclusion due to a range of risk factors and a lack of protective factors


Age Ranges:


10 -17 years of age and 18 - 24 years of age for those with particular additional needs 


Brief Description of Program


One of Forward Ever Inclusive Education’s organisational aims is to create nurturing environments where individuals and groups are enabled to appreciate who they are, recognise their strengths and are empowered to realise their full potential personally, socially and educationally.


The Forward Ever Inclusive Education Mentoring Project seeks to address this aim and is dedicated to delivering a service to children and young people with particular needs so they too can to achieve their full potential.

We recognise that some individuals may require additional support as a result of a range of risk factors they are being or have been exposed to.

Young people with these additional challenges are the primary target group we offer our support to.


Once a referral is made and a Mentee is matched to one our Mentors we will endeavour to keep mentees engaged in positive activities and provide professional support to them throughout the course of the relationship.

Our Mentors will work closely with Mentees, their families and the referral organisation to meet identified needs, set goals  and arrive at agreed outcomes.

Our Mentoring Co-ordinator will oversee the mentoring relationships ensuring support is effective and appropriate for both the Mentor and the Mentee throughought the course of the relationship.

For more information contact us 

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