Managing Behaviour that Challenges

One day learning programme exploring key aspects related to the topic

Target Audience

This course is designed for anyone working with or parenting children/young people that present behaviour that may be described as challenging. This includes those working in a range of caring sectors such as: Teachers, Youth Workers, Social Workers YOT Workers Prison Officers etc   


Course Overview

Children/young people may display varying levels of “Challenging Behaviour” and while practitioners/parents work hard to support them in some cases it is not always clear why. What is clear however is that individuals and organisations working with children/young people have a duty to work in an inclusive way to ensure those displaying “Challenging Behaviour” are better understood and receive the support they need so they do not fall through the gaps and access the opportunities they need to develop and realise their full potential.


The course will improve delegates knowledge, skills and attitudes to identify the factors that might trigger challenging behaviour as well as how to manage challenging situations using a range of intervention techniques.

Learning Outcomes There are 5 areas of learning in this programme covering theoretical information and practical approaches related to the topic. To find out more get in touch with us.

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