Youth Mentoring Project

Services specifically for young people at risk of marginalisation and social exclusion due to a range of risk factors and a lack of protective factors

Brief Description of Program

One of Forward Ever Inclusive Education’s organisational aims is to create nurturing environments where individuals and groups are enabled to appreciate who they are, recognise their strengths and are empowered to realise their full potential personally, socially and educationally.

The Forward Ever Inclusive Education Mentoring Programme seeks to address this aim by placing protective factors around identified children/young people who have had or currently have a lack of protective factors in place and are therefore at risk of realising their full potential

Young people with these additional challenges are the primary target group we offer this mentoring service to.

We will exhaust all endeavours to keep mentees engaged in positive activities and provide professional support to them.

Mentors will work closely with Mentees, Mentees Parents/Carers and the Referral Organisation to meet identified needs and arrive at agreed outcomes.

Age Range of Mentees

Our mentoring project provides one to one support services to young people aged eight – seventeen years of age and individuals up to twenty-one years of age with additional needs.

Our Experience

Our CEO has over twenty-five years of experience engaging children and young people that present behaviour that challenges and as an organisation we understand that there are a number of reasons why this behaviour occurs.

He has managed mentoring programmes, taught in pupil referral units, developed and managed crime prevention strategies as a Youth Offending Team Manager as well as managing the youth service in Feltham’s Her Majesty’s Youth Offending Institute


All children and young people receiving our service must be referred to us using our referral template and meeting our referral criteria

Individuals cannot refer themselves.


Our programme will oversee the initiation and maintenance of professional, supportive relationships between trained Youth Mentors and Children/Young People referred to us as Mentees.

Sessions will include:

  • Getting to know you activities
  • Face to Face sessions lasting for at least 2 hours per session
  • Goal setting
  • Goal reviews
  • Support with confidence
  • Support with interpersonal skills
  • Support with educational attainment
  • Support with behavioural issues
  • Reflective thinking


We anticipate outcomes in the following areas:

  • Increased self-esteem 
  • Improved interpersonal relationships with peers and adults
  • Increased school attendance
  • Increased educational attainment
  • Increased employment rates
  • Reduced anti-social behaviour/offending behaviour   
  • Reduced substance misuse
  • Reduced gang involvement
  • Reduced anxiety and depression

Our Mentors

Our mentors are aged eighteen and above and are dedicated group of individuals who care deeply about children/young people and their communities. Their abilities and life experiences are great assets to a young person seeking an important, healthy, positive connection. Mentors encourage and celebrate successful outcomes. While naturally engaged in fun and/or interesting activities they impart encouraging words and applaud important esteem-building that serves children well during the 1:1 time and well-beyond.

All our Mentors are CPD certified trained and supervised by a qualified Youth Worker.

Our Mentors understand that the children and young people have compelling stories and may have experienced adverse challenging experiences. They are committed to working closely with the children and young people to add a layer of protective factors to address this.

Our Mentors are screened, trained, and selectively matched with children. Compatibility, complementary personalities, and proximity are all taken into account. Mentors are professionally supported throughout. The goal is for them to help children/young people gain esteem, confidence, and coping skills that will encourage healthy choices and inspire the realisation of their goals, dreams and aspirations.

Make a Referral

If you know of someone in need of our services, please click the link below and fill in our referral template. We may contact you if we need any further details

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