MC/Lyric Writing Workshop

Six week workshop focused on developing lyric writing and performance as well as exploring the origins of MC culture

Target Audience

This course is suitable for anyone interested in developing their knowledge, skills and qualities to write and perform lyrics/songs.

It is accessible to young people and adults.


        Course Overview

This course covers the history, development and evolution of MC-ing from a global perspective. It clearly outlines the journey of MC culture across genres and countries. As well as outlining the journey of the MC. The course covers a range of areas such as rhyming, lyric-writing, song structure, delivery, vocal projection, studio performance, stage performance, vocal projection and more. 

This course will equip participants with all the tools they need to create and perform their own lyrics and support them to perform in front of an audience.


There are six learning areas delivered across six sessions with the option for participants to perform to an audience on the final sessions if resources allow this.

For more information about course content in this engaging and informative workshop get in touch!

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